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Poster: waviex Date: Feb 1, 2022 1:32am
Forum: movies Subject: Cut Scene from 'The Nanny' Season 3 Episode 7

I was on wayback machine and they said that there was a cut scene from "The Nanny" where Maxwell's new interest is gay and he was going to a restaurant and there is a scene where Fran and Maxwell are stuck in a elevator and Fran realises he isnt ready to date yet, he took of his ring earlier and Fran gave it back to him, and there was a youtube video with this scene now its lost and the video isn't on wayback machine.

Here's the link: (This link is dead)

I've also added a reference photo, this photo is in the re-run, but when it re-aired the scene when Fran gives his ring back is deleted in the re-run.

And here's the chat board:"OyVey,+You're+Gay" (Link is active, only on way back tho.)

I found this on the Really Unofficial Nanny Homepage, when this episode was first aired it had the scene, but they had to cut some scenes to make room for commercials.

What did the cut scene have in it?
Maxwell took his ring off during the middle of the episode while "dating" his gorgeous publicist Sydney, and it magically appears again in the elevator scene with Fran at the end when she falls on top of him. [Although, I understand that the line was cut that explained that. When it was taped, Fran gave the ring back when he realized he wasn't ready to date yet. Why they would cut a line that was so vital to the storyline I will never understand.]

I think the only way to get this non-cut episode is to find the original airing AKA when it first broadcasted.

Link to the RUNHP --->

Season 3 Episode 7.

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